Marketing On Facebook: Maximize Your ROI By Designing Effective Campaigns On Facebook

Facebook marketing done right can bring a maximum potential audience with minimum cost. After Google and YouTube (a Google-owned company), Facebook is the third most visited site on the web, according to Most importantly, it is free and easy to start a Facebook page for your brand or company and you can utilize Facebook’s various features to begin reaching your audience immediately.

The new Facebook feature that has taken the digital marketing world by storm is Facebook Live. Live has created a way to engage users in real time and this has been an exciting feature for most digital marketers. But it is not the only innovation that has excited marketer; along with it chatbots also came. Facebook incorporated bots on Facebook Messenger in 2011, as a tool for users to communicate with one another directly and privately. This tool sees billion of active users now.  Many organizations are already using chatbots to communicate with their customers as every brand has a member of their marketing team who is fielding the questions and comments, they receive from their potential audiences on the various social media platforms that they are using for their business. This ultimately helps them in building customer relationships through the conversation when a human associate is not readily available. 

Why should one market on Facebook?

Of the dozens of social networking sites, each one offering unique challenges and opportunities to marketers, Facebook has a massive reach. The user group consists of people from all over the world. Members are from different countries and backgrounds, who speak different languages, and all have different needs. Facebook marketing is like general marketing where you can find your audience. While Facebook is regularly announcing new tools and features, amongst them the unique and beneficial features are Facebook Pages, Facebook Ads, and Facebook Groups. To cater to the varied requirement of each marketer, Facebook Groups is a free but time-consuming feature. Facebook Ads are super user-friendly but can get expensive easily. Determining the tool that will best suit your needs depends on which resources you are willing to commit, whether it is time, effort, money, or a combination of all three.

A Facebook business page is the Facebook profile for companies. It is totally free to set up and very simple to use. And because of that, it is the easiest and most common way to get started with a Facebook marketing strategy. The important difference being that instead of sending or receiving friend requests, Facebook users simply like the pages of the companies that they want to follow. Once they like a business’ page, the brands updates will automatically appear in their feed visible to all their friends and followers and it becomes a great way to build a customer base.

When the business Facebook page is being created, there are a few things to keep in mind. A profile photo and a cover image is required to get started. The profile photo should always be the company logo, no matter what. This is the image that will show up next to every update posted by you, and the continued use of your logo will increase visibility and ensure your audience associates the content posted with your brand. A cover photo is the larger photo that sits at the top of your profile and stretches across the page. Like the profile picture, it is public and anybody who comes to your page will see it.

The cover photo provides an excellent opportunity to show off the different aspects of your brand. You can use a picture of your employees, an image of your product in a different than usual setting, or the most recent advertisement. This banner takes up nearly a quarter of your page, so you must choose an image with the correct Facebook cover photo size which is 851 pixels X 315 pixels for desktop and 640 pixels X 360 pixels for mobile. 

Another important part of a Facebook Page is the About section. When a user visits your page, they will immediately see your feed (the images, statuses, and videos you post), as well as your profile picture and cover photo. Using the navigation sidebar that sits below your profile picture, they can go to the about section where you should provide an informative, but concise write up about what your company is, who you serve, and why you’re different from than your competitors? You can use the information from your organization’s website, but this content must be tailored specifically for the Facebook audience.

Now that the Facebook business page is ready, you should not forget to post interesting and engaging content for your audience to see! Posting regularly is what keeps your audience engaged. This engagement cannot be accomplished by only sharing promotional images or quick status updates infrequently. Instead, meaningful and value adding content should be posted on a regular schedule to make your audience feel connected. 

What about the posts?

If you have recently published a well-performing and informative blog post, sharing it to your Facebook page is a simple way to enhance its reach even further. As long as it is relevant to your Facebook audience, you can absolutely share your brand’s blog posts and articles each time. You can share industry news, articles from outside sources that mention your organization not your competitors though. While these posts provide value, they should also send the message that your posts are for the information of your audiences and not just to sell your product or service. Posting questions for your audience, asking them about their favorite product or to post a photo of them with your products gives them the opportunity to engage with the product, business and their contacts. This in turn will build a relationship and earn their loyalty. 

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are paid messages from your businesses that can reach your ideal audience through Facebook’s hyper-targeting because the ad content is created by you for your brand. It is written in a personal voice and should appear naturally in the newsfeed of your targeted audience. You can target your audience based on any information publicly available on their profile. You can target by demographics like age, location, and education level, or you can even go beyond by targeting individuals based on life events, interests, and maybe even relationship status!

Depending on your company’s objective and goal, you can personalize each of your Facebook Ad with a different call-to-action, that is the action which you would like your audience to take. You can direct these ads to the company’s Facebook page. You can even create ads for some events which you have planned and include a link which will direct the audience to book their slot or buy a ticket for the same. This is useful if you are promoting a professional conference, grand opening or an exhibition. While it involves some expense, you can easily monitor and decide how much you want to spend? Facebook uses an auction system to help you determine how much money you are willing to expend to have the advertisement shown to your target audience. These bids are based on the cost per click or cost per impression of your ad. Once you specify the budget per campaign, Facebook will never go over this limit. Not only do Facebook ads offer a relatively simple and cost-effective way to reach the people who matter most, but they also can be insightful as to whether the content you are displaying is working? When Facebook shows an ad to a user, they have the option to close out the ad if they do not find the content relevant. If they choose to close the ad, Facebook will ask them to select a reason for doing so from a shortlist. Their answers will be available to you and as the advertiser, this is valuable information which you can use to improve your content for the next campaign. 

These Facebook ads may not be free but still can prove to be cost-effective for marketers. Moreover, Facebook Analytics will provide you with an insight into your Facebook performance and its efficacy. If you wish to achieve high traffic on your web page then you should announce a new product or service that you will be offering soon by running a Facebook Ad Campaign as a method to achieve it. 

Facebook marketing examples

Some social media marketers have excelled in just one go where a single Facebook marketing campaign went viral because of which they gained quite a good number of fans (followers) and will be are remembered for years. Here are some examples of marketing campaigns that are loved by consumers and at the same time envied by their competitors.

1.Always #LikeAGirl

In July 2014, Always decided to showcase how the meaning of “like a girl” becomes more negative as girls get older. As little girls, the concept of doing things “like a girl” is not very impactful. However, as girls grow older, being a girl is often meant to be weak and emotional and is among some of the worse stereotypes. But with the help of their campaign, Always decided to take an initiative to change the meaning of “like a girl.” They asked girls of all ages to “run like a girl, throw like a girl,” and more to see how they acted? What they found was that little girls ran fast and threw fiercely while older women ran daintily and expressed the fear of ruining their hair. The video stressed the importance of teaching women of all ages that “like a girl” should not come with a negative connotation. The video was an instant hit that acquired more than 200,000 Facebook likes and 55,000 shares. Due to its success, #LikeAGirl has become a critical aspect of Always’ messaging, even four years after its initial release.

2.The Red Heart Campaign

In December 2017, journalist Sherele Moody started The RED HEART Campaign to encourage Australians to take action towards ending violence and abuse against women and children. It encouraged them to take action regardless of the perpetrator’s gender or relationship to the victim. To do this, RH undertook a number of projects including:

  • ❤ RIP ANGEL POSTS: All Australians are encouraged to share a ❤ when a woman or child loses their life to violence or neglect.
  • ❤ The MEMORIAL TO WOMEN & CHILDREN LOST TO VIOLENCE contained stories and photos of more than 1000 women and children who have lost their lives to violence or neglect.
  • ❤ The AUSTRALIAN FEMICIDE MAP is an interactive memorial remembering Australian women and children who have lost their lives to violence or neglect. 
  • ❤ COUNTING DEATHS IN AUSTRALIA: Up-to-date tally of all violent deaths in Australia as they happen. 
  • ❤ MAPPING DEATHS IN AUSTRALIA: Up-to-date map listing all violent deaths in Australia as they happen. 
  • ❤ The WHY I STAYED Project: Domestic violence survivors talk about surviving abuse. 

Understanding your audience is the most important factor in running successful marketing campaigns

We are all aware that social media is one of the most efficient ways to reach your audience on a daily basis. But posting to any social media platform without knowing which content resonates best with its users is a missed opportunity and can work in favor of your competitors. If you’re a social media marketer, you must know how to read your analytics in order to continue the growth of your online presence. Facebook builds in a free analytics tool built into every Facebook business page which makes it easy to understand who your audience is, their social habits, and their interests. Using this information to your advantage will help you post content they will appreciate and engage with.

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