Healthcare’s Journey From Conventional To Digital

Improved wireless networking capabilities are leading to better connectivity, which in turn is allowing people from all corners of the globe to connect with each other and share valuable information which was not possible earlier. We live in an era where the expansion of knowledge and keeping track of the newest trend prevailing in healthcare marketing is an absolute necessity which helps you in growing your business. Artificial intelligence and virtual reality provide advanced modalities which help in the presentation of this information.

1.  Future of Healthcare Marketing is Video:  Video Will Continue to Make an Impact in Healthcare Marketing

Various technologies utilizing video have made a huge impact on healthcare. For instance, video conferencing technology has made it easier, faster, and cheaper to communicate by allowing people globally to meet more frequently without ever travelling and crossing time zones. Video conferencing has also helped the healthcare industry by helping doctors and surgeons from around the world to consult with other doctors and treat the patients when immediate access to healthcare facilities is not available in their local hospitals. Videos do much more than just having an impact on the patients’ care. It has been reported that healthcare businesses with a video on their website have more chance of making it to page one on Google search results which on the other hand creates more of brand awareness and also gains the confidence of their final consumers.

2. Search engine optimization?

Every business wants to be on the top in search engine rankings for healthcare providers and for these professionals start considering the value of organically generated content seriously in order to improve their search engine optimization. With the advancement in technologies, people nowadays use voice-based search queries. You will find many who use Siri on their iPhones, Amazon Alexa, Cortana, Google Voice, etc to find nearby directions or instructions or in order to communicate with people so that they can be hands-free.

Digital marketing experts suggest that voice-based searches will be on the rise and that in the coming time, all internet searches will perhaps be voice-driven. These days more and more people are using hands-free devices, it’s important to create content so that they are also able to find your business. Several ways are available in order to organically generate content and distribute it through the web, which in turn raise your SEO ranking and also helps in getting picked up over other voice commands, through various social media and blog posts.


Regularly posting content for your website turns out to be beneficial for the readers and in another way also answers their questions. This can help you gain recognition as a trusted expert in your field and you can also initiate a conversation by creating a medical forum or by being there for anyone who has a medical question by providing them with an instant response. The two most prevalent sources for medical information are WebMD and the Mayo Clinic. The Mayo Clinic is a well-recognized source for treating patients from every corner of the world. It provides them with valuable healthcare information along with excellent staff facilities. The Mayo clinic is popularly known for successfully creating an inclusive, worldwide digital community through its blog. In their blog, they regularly provide content by sharing success stories from different corners of the world along with experiences, and helpful information about how they have been dealing with big life challenges related to their family members, patients, and staffs.

The Floating Hospital for Children also took an initiative on the idea of blogging where their focus was on the moms of the patients it serves by creating an online space called “Our Circle of Moms”. has videos, discussion threads, expert advice from physicians, and “parenting secrets that are shared with the world”.

One should never forget that people will continue to use the internet in order to find the answers to their problems, including ones related to their health. The search on the internet for information on how to solve their health issues and stories from people who have dealt with similar problems, in turn, helps them to gain increased knowledge about their symptoms, illness and various treatment options that are available in order to cure themselves for discussion with healthcare providers. This is a good sign for the healthcare industry as it instigates the people to take initiative for their own health, but this is only possible if you are on the top of the search results. This increases the visibility of your brand and lets your customers know that you have the answers and are available for conversations with them.

Social Media

Regular updates on Linkedin and Facebook can help your healthcare business grow and to be on the top rankings in SEO. You can outshine competitors only if you come up with creative social media campaigns that add value while driving customer engagement. Campaigns that urge customers to practise a healthy way of living conducted by UnitedHealthcare with the slogan “WE DARE YOU” in 2015 are perfect examples of such an initiative and can drive patient engagement in a big way. UH, in their campaign, asked their social media followers/fans to take a small initiative by implementing a healthy habit per month into their daily lives and to share the same on social media. United Healthcare has made it a habit to use hashtags in their Facebook posts and recently they brought this awareness to #NationalAcornSquashDay and #ChildhoodCancerAwarenessMonth, and each time they have gained more than a thousand likes. And with this, they have more than 185,000 followers.

3. Healthcare pay-per-click advertising

Healthcare professionals are often busy treating patients and can rarely find time for blogging, podcasts and posting on social media. To achieve a better ranking through organic SEO through blogging and by improving your website is usually enough. However, you need to look for more than one way and avoid depending on only one strategy. For this, you can also think of “pay-per-click” advertising. Paid advertising on LinkedIn, Google AdWords, and Facebook are tools that provide you with valuable information about what really works for your business and along with it, it is also very cost-effective as these leads can generate referrals and ultimately help you in building your brand awareness. In order to consider the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) approach for your business you can follow these tips:

  • Become an effective data analyst by becoming familiar with evolving Business Intelligence tools. Knowing how to utilize this information will help you maximize the efficacy of your digital marketing campaigns.
  • Explore the paid ads on LinkedIn and Facebook in order to get more involved with your audiences
  • Explore advertising via WebMD as it is one of the leading health websites which publishes news online related to human health and well-being.
  • Explore connections and have consistent messaging on all fronts as nowadays people spend their maximum time in front of computers/laptop, mobile or television and at times all of three of them so you should try to utilise these channels no matter it’s online or offline by grabbing your consumers’ attention.

No matter how you utilise the advantages of the digital marketing trends with the advancement in the technologies coming each year. but you should always remember that your objective behind everything is to position your brand(s) online in order to be a safe, credible, and trusted medium.

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Well conveyed Lavanya, it’s flawless and complete and it does make sense to a large extent, I hope whichever medical organisation aggressively uses this platform they make their information complete which can benefit the end user.