Emerging Trends In Healthcare Digital Media Maketing

As per the prevailing scenario and with the advancement of technologies, healthcare marketing techniques are growing tremendously and with that, the expectations and demands of the patients are also increasing as now they demand better services to improve the quality of their lives. And for this, you need to keep track of information which is easily available now all because of search engines and various social media channels. Customers these days prefer to do their research before consulting a doctor and all because of the easily available information from trusted resources that is available over the internet to all. Doctors are on call virtually on healthcare platforms and can provide a limited consultation instantly. Live Skype chats and video call options are available on various social media platforms makes it more feasible for the doctors to reach patients in parts of the world where the access to healthcare facilities may be limited and in emergency situations.

Marketing trends to watch out:

  1. Healthcare marketing using video is one of the essential trends in healthcare digital marketing because as compared to written articles in the previous years, videos are more likely to engage the audience today. Nowadays, people prefer watching videos over reading articles. As a result of these targeted videos, leads may be generated, and many potential patients may call to make an appointment. Patients may visit the practice’s website for detailed information leading to increased traffic on the website. At the time of creating these videos, care must be taken to use the right equipment in order to make it look professional and to make sure that the video stands out to the targeted audience and help them make better decisions for life. So rather than writing a story, one can create videos based on patients and doctor testimonies so that customers can be motivated. And one must never forget to be empathetic because this makes the audience feel better and connected. These factors are essential in creating a relationship between potential patients and any healthcare practice. One can provide healthy diet tips or recipes, exercises to motivate customers to live a healthy life. A successful channel can generate enough hype so viewers will watch it regularly and will share the content and anticipate the next video. Having such a channel instantly provides increased brand’s visibility.
  2. Many medical practices are going for paid ads as they greatly help them in targeting their potential audiences. These paid ads can be PPC ads or social media advertising. One can always look for programming advertising an online ad can be purchased, and this ad will show up in the feed of the targeted audience with the right message. The features added to programming advertising is that you can purchase your online ads via Ads Exchange and can bid against your competitors where your purpose will be achieved if you are the highest bidder. But it is also important to use it in the right manner or else you will at the risk of getting unfavourable results and will also lose your audience which ultimately can be beneficial for your competitors.
  3. Google has become the go-to platform for patients as people are taking initiative to self-refer because of various healthcare websites that are emerging. These make it easier to find health-related information, pharmacy, doctors, hospitals within their vicinity. Doctors can also create their own website or blog to get themselves noticed by their patients online. This also helps them to advertise and get ratings based on the treatment they provide, medical guidance or tips, etc. As now when someone falls sick or any of their loved ones fall ill, they now check online first. Based on the symptoms of their sickness they try to find out the solution in order to cure it or to avoid it from happening again. Many physicians nowadays share information online on how to avoid different medical conditions.
  4. Negative reviews can affect the reputation of your health organisation which will also affect the trust of the viewers or readers. The most common negative review that we get to see is related to the billing process. In most cases people should take time to understand the rules and process of insurance, premiums and the huge bills that they receive from the medical organization because of which they overshadow the services received and come up with negative feedback. So, all the healthcare professionals must really work hard to find it out ways in order to reduce the negative feedbacks.
  5. You should also focus on Telemedicine which is also one of the most helpful ways of increasing your healthcare practice and also help the patients to lower their healthcare cost. Telemedicine helps the patients to get more information about various specialist and along with that also help them in getting good quality care and also provide them with the opportunity to engage with the doctors live. It requires high-quality training along with the right equipment which can be a bit expensive.
  6. Healthcare institutions are required to put more effort in order to rank at the top in the organic search results. For this, you are required to focus more on those keywords which your audience is looking for when they click the search bar online. As compared to the earlier days along with visiting hours, specialities, doctor bios, you also add online chat options and the option to pay medical bills online. For example,…

Electronic Medical Record System is a very important feature that helps the doctor and the patient in keeping track of their past medical history.

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Avijit Singh
Avijit Singh

Lavanya in point no 4 the matter that you have raised regarding reviews and the emphasis that you have laid on negative reviews related to billing process, insurance claims and all is highly appreciated but my question which arise here can we somehow filter those reviews or isn’t it correct that we must reply on those comments specially so that it could act as an guiding factor for other upcoming patients.

Can you shed some light on it