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Emerging Trends In Healthcare Digital Media Maketing

As per the prevailing scenario and with the advancement of technologies, healthcare marketing techniques are growing tremendously and with that, the expectations and demands of the patients are also increasing as now they demand better services to improve the quality of their lives. And for this, you need to keep track of information which is easily available now all because of search engines and various social media channels. Customers these days prefer to do their research before consulting a doctor and all because of the easily available information from trusted resources that is available over the internet to all. Doctors are on call virtually on healthcare platforms and can provide a limited consultation instantly. Live Skype chats and video call options are available on various social media platforms makes it more feasible for the doctors to reach patients in parts of the world where the access to healthcare facilities may be limited and in emergency situations.

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Healthcare’s Journey From Conventional To Digital

Improved wireless networking capabilities are leading to better connectivity, which in turn is allowing people from all corners of the globe to connect with each other and share valuable information which was not possible earlier. We live in an era where the expansion of knowledge and keeping track of the newest trend prevailing in healthcare marketing is an absolute necessity which helps you in growing your business. Artificial intelligence and virtual reality provide advanced modalities which help in the presentation of this information.

1.  Future of Healthcare Marketing is Video:  Video Will Continue to Make an Impact in Healthcare Marketing

Various technologies utilizing video have made a huge impact on healthcare. For instance, video conferencing technology has made it easier, faster, and cheaper to communicate by allowing people globally to meet more frequently without ever travelling and crossing time zones. Video conferencing has also helped the healthcare industry by helping doctors and surgeons from around the world to consult with other doctors and treat the patients when immediate access to healthcare facilities is not available in their local hospitals. Videos do much more than just having an impact on the patients’ care. It has been reported that healthcare businesses with a video on their website have more chance of making it to page one on Google search results which on the other hand creates more of brand awareness and also gains the confidence of their final consumers.

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Marketing On Facebook: Maximize Your ROI By Designing Effective Campaigns On Facebook

Facebook marketing done right can bring a maximum potential audience with minimum cost. After Google and YouTube (a Google-owned company), Facebook is the third most visited site on the web, according to Most importantly, it is free and easy to start a Facebook page for your brand or company and you can utilize Facebook’s various features to begin reaching your audience immediately.

The new Facebook feature that has taken the digital marketing world by storm is Facebook Live. Live has created a way to engage users in real time and this has been an exciting feature for most digital marketers. But it is not the only innovation that has excited marketer; along with it chatbots also came. Facebook incorporated bots on Facebook Messenger in 2011, as a tool for users to communicate with one another directly and privately. This tool sees billion of active users now.  Many organizations are already using chatbots to communicate with their customers as every brand has a member of their marketing team who is fielding the questions and comments, they receive from their potential audiences on the various social media platforms that they are using for their business. This ultimately helps them in building customer relationships through the conversation when a human associate is not readily available. 

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Facebook: The ultimate frontier for social media marketing.

Facebook – 2.23 billion MAUs (monthly active users). 

Let’s start with a quick review. Facebook was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. He built the social networking platform out of his college dorm room as a platform, exclusively for Harvard University students. However, it was such a hit, that Zuckerberg quickly offered access to other universities in Boston. He then went on to provide access to other Ivy League schools and Facebook has not looked back since.

In 2006, Facebook opened up access to anybody over the age of 13. From there, its user growth has absolutely exploded.

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Traditional Marketing: Obsolete in the Era of Digital Marketing?

Marketing plays a very vital role in every type of business which no one can ignore. One has to set apart a nominal amount of their budget and costing behind a product specifically for marketing. But still today we in an era where a large population of our economy prefer online transactions whereas, on the other hand, we will also find people who don’t even know how to use internet or online portals. Many companies (small or big) struggle in deciding which kind of marketing to do, traditional marketing or digital marketing? because it will ultimately affect their budget and costing. The struggle is not an easy path as there are many questions which act as hurdles: How do we know that the marketing plan we chose, is working? How to invest in it when there is a huge risk involved?

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Different, for the sake of being better…

It is called social media for a genuine reason so don’t forget to be social as marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but the stories you tell as because great marketing makes both company and customers look and feel smart respectively. Content is fire and social media is gasoline.

Fire up your Online Marketing with Social Media

We as Digital Natives are here to help you adopt digital technology. We belong to the catch-all generation where everyone is habituated to using the internet, computers, and mobile devices. The digital platform is reshaping our environment and makes more sense now as compared to older generations. We as Digital Natives help and support you in this digital transformation and company growth. We help you with the strategic goal as that you want to achieve online – gain more new customers or build a healthy relationship with the existing ones. We help you understand your online marketplace and to give a tough competition to your competitors so that they don’t eat your digital lunch. We help you in trying new ways to gain more audience engagement.

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